Turning Ideas into Products

SciMAP is a one-stop-shop for advanced materials and processing science and engineering services.

Our highly experienced team delivers innovative engineering services, supporting your team in turning ideas into products, solving complex design challenges, promoting innovation, accelerating R&D cycles, reducing risks, and shortening time to market.

Making the Impossible Possible

SciMAP is experienced in all aspects of research, development and manufacturing in the fields of materials engineering and chemistry. 


SciMAP offers you the unique opportunity to perform high quality, advanced R&D activities in an outsourcing mode. We offer multidisciplinary capabilities in the field of materials engineering, providing end to end solutions from applied scientific research, all the way through setting up a production line. 

Take advantage of working with us, and gain unique access to high quality R&D or production activities, without increasing overhead and with minimum commitment.

Advantages & Efficiency

SciMAP will expose your company to fresh external ideas and prior know-how experience helping you maximize

your innovative potential. 

Working with us

SciMAP’s clients include academic research groups, small and mid-size companies, as well as large industrial corporations.

What We Offer to Industry

SciMAP can work with your existing R&D department, or simply act as one, leveraging your existing capabilities, and help you innovate in a dynamic “start-up” mode.

What We Offer to Academia

SciMAP can help you focus on fundamental scientific issues, take care of technical aspects, help you obtain funding, and accomplish commercialization.