Shlomit Zamir, PhD

Founder & CEO

Shlomit is a material engineer, with over 20 Years of experience in preforming and managing R&D activities and groups. She specializes in ceramic materials, powder technology, powder processing, interfaces, advanced microstructure characterization and nano-materials.
In her most recent position before founding SciMAP, she was head of Rafael - Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.’s advanced materials group. She is currently also head of the nanotechnology group at Ofek Eshkolot – Ort Broude Engineering College.
Shlomit brings to SciMAP R&D group management capabilities and entrepreneurship spirit. Shlomit participates technological knowledge in ceramics, metallurgy and structural nano-technology.

Shimshon Bar-Ziv


Shimshon has 38 years’ experience in material science and technologies at Rafael. During his career, Shimshon Specialized in metallurgical and ceramic materials, as: characterization of mechanical properties, failure analysis and effect of process parameters on the performance of the final product.
As a technological leader and a head of metallurgical group, Shimshon got exposed to all aspects of ceramic materials fabrication methods, including: raw powder pre-processing, slip casting, high temperature sintering and quality control characterization. Shimshon’s wide knowledge in fabrication and characterization techniques was successfully implemented in wide variety of R&D and manufacturing projects exploring fields like development of armor structures, transparent ceramics and ceramic materials for electronic applications.
Shimshon brings to Sci-MAP a very wide technological experience and leadership. He is contributing to the establishment of research and fabrication facilities, focusing on ceramics and metal materials.

Gary Zaiats, PhD


Gary Zaiats, received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (2002), M.Sc. in Materials Engineering (2010) and Ph.D. in Chemistry (2015), all the degrees were obtained from Technion, Israel. Beside academic training, Gary worked for eight years as R&D projects leader at Rafael, where he focused on formulation of rubber blends, characterization and simulation (including failure analysis) under static loads at varying environmental conditions. During the PhD project, under supervision of Professor Efrat Lifshitz, he examined properties of PbSe/CdSe core/shell nanoparticles, including: morphology, stability, simulation of charge distribution and coupling to plasmonic excitation. Within postdoctoral project in the group of Professor Prashant Kamat (University of Notre Dame, USA), he focused on understanding charge dynamics in multinary quantum dots for photovoltaic solar cells and light emitting devices.
Gary brings to Sci-MAP project management skills, and a will to bring advanced research from the lab to reality. He is defining research plans, including drafting and submitting corresponding proposals. Gary contributes technological knowledge in polymers, FEA simulations, structural and electro-optic nano-technology applications.

Ofer Atzmon


Ofer is a highly experienced business development and marketing manager, with more than 25 years of international business background. He specializes in promoting high-tech solutions, managing multi-disciplinal projects and creating multi-national business partnerships, in the fields of aerospace, transportation, telecommunications, information technologies, and healthcare technologies.
Ofer Has a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University. He is also founder and CEO of Conspect Ltd. A high-tech business consultancy boutique.