Our client works on development of noble approach for production of dental implants. During the development process they identified several quality, aging and production robustness issues that hindered market release of the product. The company is interested to export the products to USA, therefore they had to apply for FDA approval.

One of our clients noticed evidences of deposition of unidentified materials in his UHV systems. Although, it's a big company, strict delivery constraints push other immediate challenges forward and no human resources has been allocated for solution of this problem. Ignoring the problem might reduce system lifetime and lead to its failure 

We work with a company that produce polyethylene terephthalate packages for food and agriculture produce. The company has an engineering team that focus on development and support of the production line. Collaboration with SciMAP allows them to explore new capabilities and provide their customers additional value 

ORT Braude College (OBC) is an academic, technological and scientific center for the Galilee. It has established "Ofek Eshkolot" unit, which  commercialize OBC developments and enhance collaboration ties between OBC to industry. SciMAP was selected to establish a nanotechnology research center.

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