Materials for UHV

           One of our clients is interested in building systems that work under ultra-high vacuum conditions (P<10  torr). At such low pressure any processing residual, like: water (adsorbed humidity), mold release materials, machining oil, or even marker will evaporate and might condense on some other sensitive components. Moreover, even some metal materials have natural outgassing processes. For example, stainless steel SS-300 emits hydrogen gas at rate of about 10    torr/(Lm sec). Accumulation of uncontrolled released gases in a close system over time might result in local corrosion or even system malfunctioning. Therefore, it’s important to select proper materials, define suitable cleaning procedures and adopt quality control methods to verify that the requirements are met.

            Sci-MAP accompany this project from day one. We performed literature survey exploring surface cleaning and analysis techniques. Based on this survey, we built a research plan which compares performance of several cleaning procedures, following standard and spectroscopic characterization techniques.

            The project is currently under implementation. The anticipated results of this project will help our customer to achieve the required vacuum levels, by cleaning machined parts with environmentally friendly solvents and processes. Additionally, we will define C.O.T. for quality control purposes in the future.