SciMAP provides a wealth of services to help meet your most pressing engineering challenges.

  • Literature surveys and market research.

  • Preparing professional courses in the field of materials engineering tailored especially for your team.

  • Assistance and guidance in managing research groups (for new managers, in first steps of their careers).

  • Identifying quality subcontractors in the field of materials production and production technologies.

  • Supervision of your organization subcontractors.

  • Assistance in intellectual properties documentation, transfer or retention of your organization intellectual properties.

  • Ongoing professional help in managing / accompanying research group in your organization.

  • Assistance in purchasing characterization or production equipment.  Manufacturers survey, define specifications, comparison between manufacturers, accompanying of acceptance tests, documentation of work procedures.

  • Feasibility analysis or adjustment of product manufacturing technology.

  • Consultation, and cooperation with leading consultants in the field of material engineering worldwide.

  • Assistance in writing research plan.

  • Participation in or management of brainstorm processes within your organization to encourage initiative and expand the company's product lines based on its existing technologies or partnerships with other companies.

  • Active participation in R & D tasks in your organization for the sake of dealing with temporary working pressure.

  • Assistance in the process of writing and registering patents

  • Creating new capabilities/adoption of new technologies.

  • Carrying out research in various fields of materials engineering.

  • Expansion or establishment of production lines inside or outside your organization.

  • Development of a "pilot" production line.

  • Building service lines for solving single provider subcontractor typical issues.